Latest Technology

We create powerful web and mobile applications with latest technologies.

Cloud Computing

Internet-based storage for files, applications, and infrastructure.

Responsive Design

Awesome graphical user interface with a responsive layout

A.I and Robotics

A customize robots for your business.

Hydron System website

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Recent Projects

2018 & 2019 A year of exciting and challenging projects. IoT, internet of Things, Robots, Smart apps , modern, responsive and high performance.

Projects designed and developed on the latest technologies in the software and web industry “today`s technology “ . Hosted and deployed on the latest cloud platforms to guarantee the best performance and the satisfaction of our clients.

Goal definition

A S.M.A.R.T. goal is defined as one that is specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time- bound.

eleMEGA insures a clear goal definition to make sure of customer satisfaction

Analysis & Implementation

Planning systems have revolutionized the way our company in using information technology to enhance businesses.

Meeting expectations. Increase success rates by embracing creativity and innovation in application implementations.

Delivery and Support

Quality is continuously tracked by direct service metrics, including operational monitoring and customer feedback.

Efficiency should be tracked by performance in execution of services rendered and by service delivery.

Some of Our Clients

We work with all sized companies, from small local businesses looking to gain an edge on their neighboring competition to large,

Our clients list includes organisations in the Government / Private sector, a variety of specializations like Oil and Gas , Engineering, Events, Hospitality, Sports,IT, Marketing, ..etc